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Long Island Breeze Resort
Salt Pond, Long Island, The Bahamas




The Long Island Breeze Resort opened in 2008 and is ideally situated in Salt Pond, a community that could be described as being ‘at the Centre of Long Island’.  The two main supermarkets are located in Salt pond along with a service station, boat refueling dock and a number of other businesses including real estate, hairdressers and boat chandlers.  Adjacent to Long Island Breeze is the dock where the weekly mail boat arrives carrying most of the essential supplies for the island.

Cruising around the islands of the Bahamas is a hugely popular pastime among the American boating community, the period between January and June of each year being particularly busy with boats on the cruising circuit.

Until Long Island Breeze opened the most southerly point with facilities for food resupply, fueling, laundry, showers and Internet was Georgetown at the southern tip of the Exuma chain.  Long Island Breeze was designed with the intention of extending the established cruising route and has a solid reputation among the cruising fraternity with the 2012-13 season seeing a substantial increase in the numbers of visiting boats.  A 50’ floating dock system has recently been added.


The Government Approved Master Plan for the completion of the resort is already in place and consists of the following:

• Main restaurant / facilities building (completed)
• 1 unit with 3 rental rooms and 1 bedroom rental apartment (completed)
• 3 four hotel room beachfront studio units (one completed)
• 4 units each with 4 rental rooms / studios
• 2 retail units each with 3 shops/offices on ground floor and 3 studio apartments above
• 1 unit with 20 rental rooms / studio apartments
• 1 administrative / storage / laundry block
• 4 roadside street market units
• 200’ ocean front boardwalk with two 120’ piers with 40’ T-docks for daily and long term dockage
• Utility building (completed)


The three beachfront studios, the white buildings to the left in the master plan, each contain four hotel rooms. These frontline units are single story so as not to detract from the view of the rooms behind.

The yellow building is the existing cottage and the blue building is the bar, restaurant, laundry, showers and pool deck.

The four white buildings in the center of the plan are 4 room 2-story units. Care has been taken to place them between the gaps in the frontline units to allow ocean views from the ground floor rooms.

The structures to the bottom of the plan are the six retail units with apartments above and the large building on the right is the 20-room motel-style unit. This building also contains two housekeeping/storage rooms for the use of the room maids.

The grey roofed building at the entrance to the car park is the existing utilities building and the small green buildings are the street market vendors.

Currently, visiting boats have to anchor in the bay and use a tender for the trip to the resorts’ floating dock. The master plan includes the installation of 2 x 120 foot jetties with 40 foot T-docks extending out from a 20 foot boardwalk which will allow boats to moor right alongside the resort facilities.

When complete the resort will have a total of 48 rentable rooms plus six shops and a street market consisting of four vendor units.

Again, the Government Approved Master Plan for the completion of the resort is already in place.

The current owners have completed the main restaurant / facilities building, one cottage, one beachfront studio, the utility building and 50’ of floating dock.

All buildings meet or exceed the Miami Dade building codes.


Main restaurant and facilities building:

The 2nd floor restaurant is 6000 SF under air and seats approximately 60 people comfortably.  Another 20 people can be seated on the balcony.  There are men’s and women’s restrooms, a 10 seat bar, lounge area with sofas, and a commercial restaurant kitchen.  An elevator services all three floors.

There are two rooms on the 3rd floor presently being utilized as living quarters for the owners that will eventually become private dining rooms.  These rooms have their own bathroom and one room also has a kitchenette.  Both rooms exit onto a balcony that has an 18” wide counter top running the length of the railing.  The view from both balconies is exceptional and the sunsets are breathtaking from that vantage point.  The common area between the two rooms functions as the office for the resort.  A loft above this floor serves as storage and has access to 4th floor balcony.

The ground or 1st floor has a 3500 SF pool deck, a 400 SF Gazebo and a 24’ x 16’ fresh water swimming pool.  There is a men’s restroom, a women’s restroom, a laundry room with 3 commercial washers and 3 commercial dryers, and there are also three separate showers and dressing areas for the boaters to utilize.  The patio bar and grill serves the lighter side menu during the day and early evening for those who prefer a more casual atmosphere.  Behind the patio bar is the dry storage area for the restaurant and includes a walk in freezer and a walk in refrigerator.  The entertainers use the gazebo for their stage and it also provides a protected area for karaoke and private gatherings.  There are tables and chairs to seat another 40 people in the breezeway area and another 6 or 8 can be seated at the patio bar.  The pool deck comfortably accommodates up to 200 people attending dances and other affairs.



The cottage is 2400 SF under air with another 500 SF of balconies overlooking the harbor.  The cottage is comprised of 3 separate hotel rooms with baths each with their own private entrances on the first floor.

The second floor of the cottage is a one-bedroom and has a balcony off the dining/great room and another private balcony off the master bedroom.  The kitchen has a full line of stainless steel appliances and granite kitchen counter tops and granite bar top.  There is a powder room off the kitchen area.  The dining room table seats six with another three seats at the bar.  The furniture and fixtures are top of the line.  There is plenty of closet space and the pull down stair provides access to the walk around attic for storage.


Beachfront Studio:

The beachfront studio is 960 SF under air.  Each unit is a typical hotel unit with private bath, ample built in storage and a small refrigerator.  Two face the waterfront and two face the rear.  Both front and back have a covered deck with ample room for sitting.